About Us

Rob and Butch owners of Rocky Mountain Dog and Alpine Paws

Well, here we are again. Starting a new company from scratch. What were we thinking!? Lol. 

Yet, here we are. When we started Rocky Mountain Dog, we felt there was a missing niche in the market for adventure gear based on places we love, the Rocky Mountains. And we feel the same way about ID tags, we wanted super cool ID tags for our pups. 

Admittedly, this space does have some great companies that are making cool pet ID tags but we think our approach will bring fresh ideas and designs to this market. 

At our core, we always believe in putting the customer first, what do you want? What would inspire you to buy our products over someone else, tell a friend about it and come back a year from now to buy another one? 

Well, where do you begin with something like that? We started with finding the right technology to do this and searched for about a year looking for the right machine. We have the machine now in our warehouse right here in Calgary, AB. 

We wanted to be local and crafty. All our tags are made right here in Calgary, AB and each tag is individually made. This is a craft, this is custom, this is authentic.

We wanted amazing designs of mountains in the tag. This is foremost in our thought process, we create experiences and when we design a leash, collar or ID tag, we want that design to be world class and one-of-a-kind. 

Not to give it all away but we will expand our designs beyond mountains so imagine down the road buying the Muskoka pet ID tag? Yes, we mean business.

And we want to connect you to the places you go with your dog. Our mission is to inspire others to explore the outdoors with their dog making a lifetime of memories along the way. We don't sell ID tags, we sell experiences. If you can remember a special time with your dog in the mountains or outdoors and we were apart of that, then that gives us goosebumps. 

And, not to give it all away but we see more product lines down the road for Alpine Paws that is more than just pet ID tags. Stay tuned for that!

So what's it going to be, are you ordinary or extraordinary? There's only one right answer to this so grab a tag and join the adventure!

Stay wild and thirsty my friends.

Rob & Butch